On request of many of our readers, we have formed a WhatsApp group for intraday traders. The members of that group will be provided with intraday calls. We got an accuracy of 87.3% in intraday.

We provide 3-5 calls per day. All of our target lies from 0.6% to 1.7%. Proper guidance will be provided to you fromthe starting of trade till its clossing.

The ones who want to join our paid group have to pay a charge of Rs 3000 for a month. 

To join the paid group contact at 9955040240 or 8987171191

To join the trial group click on the following link and see our accuracy for yourself:

Our Service

The new standard in Intraday Trading

Join Our Whatsapp Group And Boost Your Daily Profits With The Help Of Our Daily Calls.

Proper Guidance

We will provide proper guidance along the way.

Pay After You Like It

After observing and analysing our history record, the ones who want to continue as a member of that group will have to pay a fees of Rs 3000 per month.

Our Accuracy

Our Accuracy Is Of 87-89 %. But You can see it for yourself in the trial group or on our telegram channel.

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